U.S. Exchange Visitor Program - Clinical Care
The United States Department of Health and Human Services accepts applications for physicians practicing at a health center who have a J-1 visa to waive the two year foreign residency requirement. Physicians must agree to deliver services for three years in a health professional shortage area with a score of 7 or higher and meet the below criteria:

Eligible physician types include:
  • Family medicine
  • General internal medicine
  • General pediatrics
  • Obstetrics & gynecology
  • General psychiatry
Eligible facilities must be one of the following:
  • A health center as defined under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, and which is receiving a grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration under this section;
  • A rural health clinic as defined under Sections 1102 and 1871 of the Social Security Act; or
  • A Native American/Alaskan Native tribal medical facility as defined by the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (P.L. 93-638).
If an applicant meets the above criteria, the application should be submitted through the United States Exchange Visitor Program – Clinical Care, not the Conrad State 30 Program. As part of the application package to be submitted to the United State Exchange Visitor Program – Clinical Care, the state health department must provide a letter of support. Please visit the MDHHS for more information about the program: http://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71551_2945_47635-232343--,00.html.